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Freestyle – is no comic-series, it’s more like a label.

  • Freestyle is an attempt to start a regularly published IPP-production.
  • Freestyle brings out what has been hiding in our artists drawers until now.
  • Freestyle has no fixed genre and follows no self-imposed rules. Anything goes – simply Freestyle!

Where others return to the expensive production of Hardcover-Albums we’d like to remind you that it is still possible to offer comics for a good price. That’s what we would like to prove quarterly with changing artists on our new label Freestyle. You can get an impression of things to come with issue #0, which should be available for free through every good comic-dealer.

We’re starting off with Lucio Parrillo’s „EXCAPE“ at the Comic-action in Essen. Until then we’ll be doing the internet-presentation at this place and inform you about our artists and their Freestyle-Projects. So keep on visiting!

For questions and ideas please mail to
Future Freestylers send their applications to
Dealers and advertising-customers should contact

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