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In 1999, we put our comic magazine SPLASH! on the market, starting off with a number of 40.000 copies. IPP signed for publishing as well as for editing, layout and conceptual work. Due to the absence of commercial ads, the mag ceased publication with issue 8/99. Back issues can still be ordered, though.

  • Issue 4 22.07.1999 76 Pages – full colored – DM 4,90 (Euro 2,50) Cover: Tom Thiel. In this issue: Star Wars, Crisis On Infinite Earths, Studio Ghibli – Part 2, 10 page excerpt of Marvel´s ‘Wolverine’.
  • Issue 3 24.06.1999 76 Pages – full colored – DM 4,90 (Euro 2,50) Cover: Jan Meininghaus. In this issue: Cliffhanger-Label, Astro City, Studio Ghibli, Role-Playing-Comics, the Comic ‘Pullerman’ and Storytelling by Ralf Paul
  • Issue 2 27. Mai 1999 76 Pages – full colored – DM 4,90 (Euro 2,50) Cover: Peter Popken and Thorsten Felden. In this issue: Batmans 60. Birthday, Transmetropolitan, Phantomias, Spider-Man, the Comic ‘Das Böse’ plus a very special guest-writer
  • Issue 1 22.04.1999 Cover: Alexander Lozano and Thorsten Felden, Ads: Ralf Paul, 60.000 printed, 76 Pages, full colored – DM 4,90 (Euro 2,50)


  • Comic-Reviews
  • News und Dates
  • Spl@shpages (Internet-Sites)
  • lot´s of stories
  • and much more


Issue #1 will be released on april 22. 1999. We hope you´ll like it. Most people participating in this project are either working for the Comic-Ecke or IPP:

  • Thomas Digel (Coordination of Reviews und editorial)
  • Bernd Glasstetter (News, Dates, Spl@shpages)
  • Roman Jahnke (Reviews)
  • Marcel Lanthemann (US-News, Reviews)
  • Michael Lehmeier (Reviews)
  • Jan Meininghaus (Layout und Graphix)
  • Guido Paul (Organization, Public Relation und Ads)
  • Ralf Paul (created the Splash-Hero)
  • Andreas Waldt (Organization of stories)
  • Stefan Willkofer (Reviews)

All in the above list created the concept of Splash! during the last weeks and months. The cover for issue #1 has been drawn by Alexander Lozano and colored by Thorsten Felden. Apart from that it has been made possible to recruit some famous names from the comic-sector. More on this issue in short.

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