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KiCKeT! ... english news

Titelbild der KiCKeT!-Verkaufsbox


“KiCKeT! ... soccer is coming home into your garden”

Since spring, next to regular ad jobs, we have worked intensively on this new project.
After a development time of 8 years, it was finally time this year to prepare our baby for its official presentation and mass production.

There are also the first two videos about KiCKeT.
The first one is supposed to give a taste of the game, and the second one shows impressions and more concrete explanations of the rules as taped during the first official
KiCKeT tournament.
Video 1…
Video 2…

At this time, we are working in full gear on a Kickstarter presentation, as we would like to finance production via crowdfunding through As soon as that is a go, we will let everybody know.
Anybody who does not want to wait that long can order a handmade limited edition already at this time:

Of course there is also a KiCKeT! Facebook group for those who want to be informed at all times:
KiCKeT! auf Facebook…

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