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Verdistr. 12, 50169 Kerpen, Germany

CMGA – Online-Comic for the former Internet-Gameserver CMGA run by German Telekom. The first episode was printed for the IFA ‘99 (number of copies: 60.000).
In June 2000 this german gaming-platform was taken over by Planetactive GmbH, who developed CMGA together with German Telekom, They developed it further and run it now under the name of Mightygames.

  • Story: Ralf Paul & Client
  • Pencils & Inks: Ralf Paul & Henrik Fetz
  • Colors: Ralf Paul, Thorsten Felden, Ricarda Lanzrath
  • Projectmanagement: Guido Paul
  • 3 episodes, 10 pages each

With friendly permission of Planetactive GmbH and their gaming-platform we present you all three episodes as Online-Comic (see left).

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